Thanks for visiting my site and taking interest in my art.

I’m a Nebraska based artist, born and raised. I started my love of drawing and art in the pages of the Sunday paper reading comic strips. That eventually graduated to comic books and graphic novels. Spending my teen years focused on comic and tattoo related art, I was always drawn to the ‘low brow’ art styles. I attended The Creative Center, a graphic design and illustration collage and graduated in 2001. 

While I value my design background I decided to focus more on illustration. In 2004 I was able to complete my dream since I was a child and became published by a major comics publisher as a colorist. I continued my comics career until 2010 colouring books published by Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics among others. After accomplishing my goal of working in the comics industry, i decided to branch out more into other areas of art. I moved away from comic art and moved into other forms of artistic expression. Currently I’m trying my hand more and more in digital and traditional arts and the combination of the different mediums. Areas I’m currently playing in is sculpture, acrylic painting, ink and watercolour painting, metalworking, screen printing and other mediums that strike my fancy. But my heart will always lead me back to good old black ink on paper. 

Follow me on my artistic journey and see where I go. I will periodically update my site with finished pieces but you can see more frequent updates and process shots on my instagram. Follow me there too:

Thanks and I look forward to your interest. 

Rick Hiltbrunner